High-peaked mountains tower in strength and grace where you live, brothers Silbeth, the younger Ronald, the slightly older Roads are few, steep, narrow and bare leading to places mostly unknown, undrawn adventures await your imagination imagination awaits your adventures together Original drawing by Ronald / Photo by Carol Schafer Houses one much the same as... Continue Reading →

You Just Never Know

You Just Never Know (Luke 7:1-10) You just never know what might happen next A Roman military captain might have someone in his household who is dying like maybe a favourite servant You just never know And this Roman military captain turns out to be a pretty decent guy kind and generous and awfully worried... Continue Reading →

Friendly Remembering

Just a friendly remembranceSent in the friendliest way---To wish you every happinessOn this glad Christmas Day! Who couldn't use more time to sit in the glow of candlelight about now? How about stopping whatever you're doing just long enough to look closely at this image. How long has it been since you've seen decorative candles like these?... Continue Reading →

Waiting It Out

Christmas is over but the year lingers on. Many people are holiday weary by now, especially since our celebrations have been so different this year. Though we'll all remember Christmas 2020 for the rest of our lives it's unlikely to rank anywhere among our favourite memories of the season. It's been a difficult year in... Continue Reading →

Oh, What Fun!

Did this little guy make you smile? Of course he did! That's what he does time after time---without fail. Everything about him suggests fun in a season that is supposed to be filled with fun---and comfort and joy, of course. Doesn't every child need a soft, smiling friend to hold, talk to, and swap hugs... Continue Reading →

Christmas Simple

Greetings of the Season and Best Wishes for theNew Year Every time I run across this old Christmas card I have to stop and give it another look. Something about it reaches to a place inside me called "Christmas simple." Maybe it's the old-fashioned glass ornaments that look so much like the ones I remember hanging... Continue Reading →

Christmas Candy!

What could be sweeter than a tall jar full of Christmas candy? Candy canes, peppermint drops, fruit drops, fruit cremes, gumdrops, and, oh, so much more! Assorted flavours, shapes, and sizes---something for everyone! Always colourful enough to cause the children's eyes to pop wide open, these candies stirred up one persistent question: "May we have... Continue Reading →

Light the Candle!

Everything about this vintage Christmas card takes me back to my very early years. Who could forget the gold-threaded brocade drapes of the 1950s and 1960s? Ours hung over the living room "picture window" that seemed so large to me at the time. The small spruce cones look like the ones my brothers and I... Continue Reading →

Season’s Greetings!

Where I live in northern Canada, most people have a "love/not love" thing going on with winter. We don't love the cold, at least not the extreme cold. We measure cold as "not bad," "not too bad," "cold," and "really cold." There's also, "it wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the wind." We... Continue Reading →

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